Lisa Whatley Bath & Body Treats

Pampering for the Cosmic Goddess!

Lisa Whatley Bath & Body Products

Cuz ... its' all about that Goddess Zen Lifestyle! 

Hey Beautiful Soul ... I got a SECRET for you.

Self-Care IS Mandatory for Living a Thriving Zen Life!

Taking care of yourself ... inside and out ... every single day demonstrates the truth that you love being alive and that you truly and deeply honor, love and respect yourself and when you are living from these truths with so much love exploding from your cells then guess what you get back in return? You manifest massive amounts of love, happiness, peace and abundance of all kinds! That's living the ZenLife and besides all that yummy goodness ... pamper sessions leave you feeling absolutely amazing. When you feel amazing you radiate high-vibe energy! And when you are radiating like the Cosmic Goddess you were born to be … life not only flows easily, effortlessly and flawlessly but you manifest on-point too!

Daily self-care is what the Cosmic Goddess unapologetically requires.

So isn't it about time you really allow yourself to flourish, prosper, bloom, advance and succeed?


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Lisa Whatley products are Handmade with natural, high quality ingredients that your skin will LOVE! 

Handmade with Care
Pure & Simple Ingredients
Freshest Possible
Cruelty Free
Ethical Buying
Lisa Whatley

Bath Bombs: Bathtub Bombs & Pedi Bombs

Body Butter

Balms: Lip & Hand

Bubble Bar

Bath Truffles: Butter Tub Truffles & Bubble Tub Truffles

Bath Salts: Loose, Rock Balls, Cakes & Salt Bars

Skin Loving Body Oils

Exotic Bath Oils

Goddess Facial Elixir

Sugar Scrubs: Body & Lips

Face Masks: Clay & Charcoal 

Handmade Soaps: Loffah Soap, Bubble Putty, Soap Bars

ZenBox Subscription: Delivered to You!

ZenBag Subscription: You Pick-up in Tillsonburg! 

That ZenLife

Cuz ... it's all about living that Zen Lifestyle! 

That ZenLife

This space is all about that ZenLife ...  that I love, love, love!

  • Energy Healing
  • Guided Meditation
  • Meditation Music
  • Sacred Space Set-up & Clearing
  • More ...

Embrace Your Zen!

Embrace the ZenLife with Lisa Whatley

Mood Music to Get You in the ZenZone!

Must Have ZenGoddess Tools

Cuz ... its' all about living that Zen Lifestyle! 

Bath Brush Set

Bathtub Tray

Essential Oil Diffuser

100% Essential Oils

3 Mood Candles

Salt Candle Holder